Andrew Barker – Executive Director

A Message from the Director – Spring 2013
Andrew Barker

Andrew Barker

Summer is quickly approaching and we look forward to another season of fun and fellowship at a place that reminds us that God has created this world. Perhaps many of us have grown up at Camp and it just seems wrong not to spend at least part of our summer up at Koinonia. For others, Koinonia is a new part of our life and there an anticipation and excitement as we look forward to what new experiences Camp will bring us. No matter how long we have been involved and for whatever reasons we came in the first place, summer camp is more than just a fun, warm fuzzy place to be. There is a plethora of reasons we should attend camp or send our children to camp. One of the biggest benefits of attending Koinonia during the summer is the lasting friendships that are started and developed. In today’s world many forms of social media are common methods of communication. Koinonia provides ample opportunities to socialize personally in many settings. Camp is also a place where lifeskills are developed and social skills are learned.

Teamwork is also one of the most important things we can experience and develop to prepare for adult life. For many young people, Camp is a place where we can gain some independence for the first time. As parents we may not want to let go, but we also know that it is important for our children to get out there and develop who they are independently. There are many activities at Camp that are designed to be fun, but unstructured play is also important for kids to relax a bit, be silly and just have improvised fun! In a society where children are often less active, it is hard not to be active at Camp.

Many practical skills are learned such as canoeing, swimming, leading music, sports and other activities that are new to us, often conquering fears at the same time. Camp is also a place where we can take a break from society that can often be stressful or damaging, and in turn experience success and develop confidence. Our society is becoming more and more detached from the natural world and Camp is an amazing place to reconnect with nature in the lakes, skies and hills. One aspect of Koinonia that sets it apart from other Camps is the way in which God is revealed in the lives of the individuals that attend. I can attest that God has been revealed in my life at Koinonia more than at any other place. Bible learning is important and it is achieved at Koinonia, but the opportunity to come face to face with Christ is enough reason to send your child to Camp or come as a family.

I know that there are many things pulling us away from summer Camp as there is so much going on in our own communities. I want to remind you that Koinonia is one of the best places to spend a week or a whole summer and I hope that you will make Koinonia a priority for your family this summer. Koinonia is a great place to minister to youth and so I want to encourage anyone who is interested in youth ministry and wants to help make Koinonia grow in its ministry to youth to please get involved. We have already put together a core group of summer staff but there are still opportunities to come up for a week or more and help out by taking on the role of a dishwasher, kitchen helper or jo-boy. We are particularly in need of volunteers for the final week of the summer as that is when our summer staff often want to become campers for the week. Please contact me if you are interested. I hope that you have a wonderful summer and I am looking forward to seeing you at Koinonia !

God Bless you…In Christ Jesus,
Andrew “Pup” Barker