Tim Ryeland

Chairman / President

Tim Ryeland began coming to Camp with his family when he was an infant, went to Teens Camp, spent 5 summers on staff as a Jo-Boy and was the off season manager for several years.  For the past 10 years Tim and his wife Elana along with their three kids Jackson, Elizabeth and Aaron have been family campers.

Tim has been on the Board for 13 of the last 20 years and has held the positions of secretary, treasurer and president/chairman.  He uses his passion for technology to help ensure Camp makes the best use of the tools available to communicate and interact with the community.  In the past few months Tim has implemented our Camp Brain online registration and camper management software and also a brand new donations software module to help streamline processes and provide the kinds of services our campers have been asking for.  Tim and his family attend Creekside Church in Waterloo and serve in the children’s ministry.  He is also on the parent council of his kid’s school and the Board of his community association.

Bruce Smith

Board Member

Bruce hails from the left coast in Victoria BC. Commissioned in 1976 with Threshold Ministries (a community of evangelists across Canada), he has been privileged to serve in prison, seafarer’s and hospital chaplaincy, with congregational and regional youth ministry, church-based and regional missions and events in Australia, Kenya, Great Britain, Jamaica and Barbados. He spent seven years as Assistant National Director with Threshold Ministries (aka Church Army) followed by another 16 as National Director. In June of 2012, he was granted the joy of embarking on a new challenge as Threshold’s Ambassador to encourage ongoing ministry development while simply doing ‘the work of an Evangelist’ across Canada. Now retired from Threshold Ministries, Bruce devotes the lion’s share of his time as Mission Co-ordinator for the Anglican Parish of Christ Church St James, Etobicoke. More importantly, Bruce is married to his best friend Carol (38th year). Together they are blessed two terrific sons, a superb daughter-in-law and two absolutely amazing little grandchildren. The Scriptures that turned his life around (and still challenge the socks off him) are Matthew 16:24 and Romans 12:1 and 2.

Troy Hynes


Troy Hynes came to Camp through the Maiers who both attended Plattsville Missionary Church where he still helps run one of their youth programs. Troy was the director of Youth Unlimited (Youth for Christ) in Kitchener, Ontario, developing ministries to nurture young people in their faith, developing life and employment skills. Troy, along with his wife, Nancy and Courtney, his daughter have been one of our long-standing supporters of Koinonia’s youth camps. Troy has been a favourite speaker and has also referred others to speak, as well as young people to work on staff who have become part of the camp’s wider family. Troy has now taken a role in running an industrial manufacturing company in Mississauga.

Tammy Pierce

Board Member

Tammy became a Christian at Teen Ranch. She enjoyed working at camps for many years where she served in various capacities. She particularly enjoyed teaching drama and music programs to both children and youth. Tammy also enjoys swimming, biking and reading in her spare time. Tammy lives in Port Credit with her two children: Taylor and Wesley. She enjoys her job here as an office manager at Chartwell Baptist Church and getting to interact with many people on a daily basis. Tammy is extremely pleasant to everyone that she comes into contact with. Tammy and her mother, Margaret Harris have been long-standing members of Camp’s family.

Jean Jamieson

Board Member

Jean Jamieson was first introduced to Camp Koinonia at Christ Church Brampton through a presentation given by Andrew Barker.

Her family regularly visited friends near Parry Sound each summer near camp and one year decided to extend their family time with a last minute call.  Koinonia welcomed them with open arms and made the room for them to come.  Jean and her two boys were hooked and have found a home at Koinonia.

Their family has been attending family camp now for a number of years and her son Mason cannot wait to become a Jo Boy!  She expects to continue this family tradition for many years to come.

Outside camp involvement is excessive in faith, in sport, in poverty, in finance, always allowing time to peacefully connect in the beauty of our Creator’s glory.

Mary Hunt


Mary first experienced Koinonia in 1998 at Women’s Weekend.  The following summer she attended family camp with her husband Neil and their children Andrew and Emily.  They have attended family camp every summer since 1999.  In recent years Andrew and Emily have worked on staff as dishwasher, kitchen help and lifeguards.  Outside of camp, Mary loves walking their dogs and knitting, and she sings in the choir at All Saints’ Anglican Church in Waterloo.

Paul Simons

Board Member

Paul’s first ‘blush’ with Koinonia was in the 90’s during his youth pastor days in Scarborough, ON. Many of his teens and young adults enjoyed Koinonia as campers and counselors and insisted he get involved. Upon visiting, he was convinced that here was a unique place for people to experience deep Christian community and to grow in their faith. For three summers Paul served as Program Director at various Family Camps and thoroughly enjoyed the experiences! Bringing his (and his wife Michelle, also a former Koinonia Board Director) three children with him was a thrill and seeing them attend camps on their own, very gratifying. This would be Paul’s second opportunity to serve on Koinonia’s Board of Directors. Paul is a commissioned evangelist and has served with Threshold Ministries (formerly the Church Army) for over 25 years in various roles and is presently a Community Chaplain with Correctional Service Canada providing spiritual care to federal offenders at the Keele Community Correctional Centre and downtown Toronto, helping them safely reintegrate into society.

Sarah Ryeland

Board Member

Sarah Ryeland has been going to Camp Koinonia with her family for the past 35 years. She enjoys co-leading Koinonia’s annual Women’s Weekend and has attended family camp, kids camp and teens camp, and served on staff as a babysitter-dishwasher. She still loves attending family camp every year with her mom, brother, sister-in-law, nephews, niece and lifelong friends.

A writer and editor for the Office of Student Life at the University of Toronto, Sarah has used her professional skills in a volunteer capacity for Camp’s newsletters, social media and various other communications. She is looking forward to serving on Koinonia’s Board of Directors for the first time.

Derek Welsman

Board Member

Derek Welsman’s involvement with Camp Koinonia dates back 40 years as a Family Camper in the 1970s  and a Youth camper in the 80s.  Derek continued his involvement on staff as a Babysitter Dishwasher and Jo-Boy from 1986 to 89 and a Youth Camp Counselor in 1989 and 1990. During the early 1990s, Derek led Camp Koinonia’s Youth Committee, which focus’d on engaging teenage Koinonians during the off-season by organizing events like fund-raisers and reunions.  Since that time, Derek continued his involvement with camp, serving as a Board member three different times. Derek, his wife Rebecca and their two sons, Ian (8) and Owen (5), currently live in Toronto’s and attend Little Trinity Anglican Church.  Introducing his family to Camp Koinonia – the camp and the community – has been a highlight of his life.